Midas Touch Global Decentralized Supply Chain Finance Platform

Midas Touch was founded in 2020 and registered in the UK. It is a digital asset management company that offers digital solutions and services that combine Blockchain and DeFi technology and the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) to assist global retailers and their customers to solve their current challenges in capital turnover, while also providing investors with safer and more stable income.

[ Unleash the Explosive Power of SCF ]

The Midas Touch De-SCF platform eliminates the barriers of traditional supply chain finance, and opens the way to decentralized supply chain finance and digital asset securitization for investment institutions, qualified investors and even digital currency holders.

Midas Touch Core Strengths

Realize quantitative trading with stable income through innovative technical services

Minimize the risk of ups and downs of investment targets using effective hedging methods

Decentralized supply chain financial services tailored for the financial industry

[ Midas Touch Ecosystem ]

Connect lending markets to create a global decentralized supply chain financial ecosystem

Midas Touch uses smart contracts and digital asset mortgages and other blockchain technologies to create a safe, stable, transparent, fair, fast, traceable but non-tamperable SCF service platform, allowing investors to use legal or encrypted currencies to invest in De-SCF ecosystem of decentralized supply chain finance composed of cash flow solutions providers, e-commerce and its upstream and downstream supply chains.